Self-portrait Dreaming of Portavadie  23" x 27"      2019

We used to spend our summers in Portavadie, a wild, remote corner of the west coast of Scotland, where my grandad had a cottage with no electricity or running water. When I was ten, the government sold the surrounding land to a company to build oil platforms.  Portavadie was completely destroyed - the shallow loch had explosives placed in it to deepen it, a large, concrete workers’ village was built and a tall, razor wire fence was erected all around my grandad’s cottage.

No orders came and the company soon went bankrupt, leaving the taxpayer to pick up the bill of several million pounds.
Portavadie was left derelict. The workers’ village was looted, used for a while by graffiti artists, then demolished.  The ruin of my grandad’s cottage was eventually sold to a hotel company for development.

Here I am, dreaming of Portavadie, before and after the cataclysm, joined by my parents (on their honeymoon) my brother birdwatching and the cat from the local farm.

Flashed hand blown and 2nd hand glass which has been sandblasted, painted, fired and layered, with glass beads.