I currently have these 2 images available.

Please allow two weeks for delivery as they

are printed to order.


Landfill Tantrum (2014)    


Shipping £10.00

42cm x 60cm

Limited edition of 50, signed, titled and numbered.

Giclee print on heavy matt paper on board and wrapped in cellophane.

Print from original stained glass light box made using plain red flashed glass taken from derelict church windows in Dundee, which has been engraved and painted.. The image was a spontaneous burst of frustration with plastic waste and in memory of the piles of rubbish and used needles dumped outside my squat in East London in the 1980s.


Beauty Tricks (2018)

Available in two sizes

(68cm x 35cm)    £125.00 

(112cm x 60cm)     £250.00

The larger size print is the actual size of the original stained glass, with a black border.

Limited edition of 30, signed, titled and numbered.

Giclee print on heavy matt paper wrapped in acid-free tissue paper.

This work explores notions of beauty, the beauty industry and its effects upon women and girls.  It features an archetypal madonna, crowned with scalpels and syringes and marked for liposuction treatment, a bulimic Rapunzel, medieval scales (traditionally representing the weighing of souls on entry to Heaven) quoting the long-running TV advert and an angelic Granny knitting clone-like Barbie dolls.   A woman shoots a mirror, while above Satan sneaks off with the knowledge. Below, two little girls observe from a grey world of plastic rubbish.
The original work was made using hand blown, flashed glass which was cut, sandblasted, diamond filed, engraved, painted, fired and layered.